The key to Good Performance / by Julian Focareta

I can not sit here and call myself a director (yet) but honestly I would love to. I am an aspiring Director of Photography however, there is something about directing that always seems to draw me in a bit more than any other spot on set.

I have listened to many people continue to use the label Director/DP. Two nights ago I finally learned what it meant. I know I have been multitasking on set for many years but I have finally found myself comfortable in both directing and being the cinematographer.

Photos: Joe Adams

Currently, I find it a bit overwhelming, yet surprisingly instantly satisfying after the shoot. Connecting with a subject and being the sole responsibility for how it is portrayed is something not many people choose to pull off. Although I would never mind a director, there is something truly outstanding of being able to pull of a Director/DP role.

(Here's a quick blooper from the other night.. [Just so you know] It's not always easy to get that perfect shot)