Super Seconds / by Julian Focareta

The key to eating leftovers: DON'T SEE THEM AS LEFTOVERS.

(Grilled Ribs Shaved, Grilled Vegetables from Grandfather's Garden, and Grandmother's homemade Pepper Relish)

So my family and I had an early father's day due to the fact that I will no longer living beachfront come June 30h and we all have a graduation party on Father's Day. And you know us, we don't get together and just eat.. we feast.

Now that I am the only one living in this three floor house (both roommates have moved out early), I have more leftovers than I could imagine eating. However, as a young adult, I don't have enough money to be throwing out free leftovers. But how do I manage to keep eating the same thing over and over twice a day for lunch and dinner?


Don't use a microwave.

My key to reusing leftovers is to make it something different. The eater that I am.. I can't eat a food more than twice. (Maybe stuffed eggplant from the garden covered in my grandmother's sauce, but that's about it) If it's grilled chicken, remove the chicken from the bone or cut the breast into small pieces and mix with olive oil, celery, onions, onions, and carrots. Now you have yourself an Italian chicken salad (or because I hate mayo). If it's plain rice, add fresh vegetables from the garden, beans and sautée. Add arugula, hummus or homemade salsa, and a wrap and you have yourself a fresh vegetable burrito.

Fuck leftovers but more importantly, fuck wasting food.