8 BUDS (FIRST BROKEN CAMERA) / by Julian Focareta

About a few weeks ago, I voluntarily shot some photos of my good friends's band Chousand.. (It's like thousand but with a "ch") They are somewhat new and extremely hyped on stage. I've had a close relationship with them since we shot their first music video about 8 months ago. (See Below)

I have been shooting DJs, Concerts, and Parties for quite some time now. (Yes I do have a few drinks while I am shooting.) However, there never goes a thought in my mind about drinking to the point where I am not in control of my camera.. that's for amateurs.

I grew up with a camera on me at all times. (Sometimes it helps us with remembering what happens in the late late night.) At this point, having a camera in my hand (we're talking DSLR, not something like a RED is pretty much an extension of my body.

Well yeah... I did in fact break my 5D Mark III. I've had a loose hot shoe for some time because let's face it, my 5D is pretty old at this point. [This camera has seen 4 years of use, visited 11 countries, and even survived a Martini spill from a drunk aunt.]

I wasn't being reckless per say but I can definitely tell you I was 'spraying and praying' that night for some odd reason. As I was changing my flash from a horizontal shot to a vertical shot, I was adjusting my flash and it ended up snapping the hot shoe and sending it into the crowd.

Now, luckily I was on my way to Vermont the day after and had a Sony A7S packed in my camera bag to shoot video. I figured, "why not?" This is where I was blown away- I threw on my Yognuo 6000ex-rt (Canon) onto the Sony body and it fired! I'm not sure if Sony's hot shoes are neutral or they take any flash (because I don't shoot on-camera flash that often), or I am just an idiot. I kept my picture profile at Cine2 (PP6) and the photos came out beautiful. (Although the autofocus through a Metabones adapter is a complete bitch.) Take a look at some of them:

So here's the lessoN: Don't drink 8 Budweisers and shoot wrecklessly... Drink only 6 and be nice to your camera.