Il Faccendo de La Salsiccia! / by Julian Focareta

Just like our wine, the making of our sausage has been around since there has been a Focareta on this earth. However, the past two years, my father, brother and I had the honor of working together throughout the entire process. 

It's really not the hardest thing to do. (Believe me, in total this year we will be doing around 120 lbs of pork butts). This batch we only did about 80 lbs, but it took three of us around 3/4 hours to initially cut and trim everything. Once this is done, we sling it through the grinder, lay it out, season the meat and let it sit overnight before we stuff.

It's more of a lengthy process than anything. However, once you get to taste the dried sausage for the first time, you'll know every minute of being hunched over a 15 year old cutting board for two days straight was worth it.