Haze, Sound, and 60' of Dolly Track / by Julian Focareta

Some of our bigger projects here at Fairfield University are with the Athletics Department. Whether it's highlights, solicitations, broadcasts, or hype videos, it's a big part of our marketing plan. Athletics brings a good amount of notice for the university.

Screenshot from: SONY A7S w/ 24-105mm. Gimbal: DJI RONIN. Recorder: Odyssey 7Q+

Every team that plays at a venue with a video board gets their own 'hype' or 'intro' video. For obvious reasons, these are some of our most exciting projects to produce. Each year and each team gets a different look and feel. This years men's basketball intro was one that definitely took it home for me. I spent a lot of time figuring out how we are going to make this look different. 

There is a lot of creative freedom here but you have to remember (which is hard for me) that our budgets are somewhat next to none. The reason for this being is because we work on an inhouse rate which is such a small fraction of big time agency work. Therefore we usually only have 2 hours of shooting time and only 3/4 people on set. Those 3/4 people do everything though. My grip is also pulling focus and setting up lights. Honestly, It's not the best way to work but luckily I'm surrounded by great hardworking people who know enough of everything to get the job done. (Thank you to my team for putting up with my bullshit)

Screenshot from: Sony FS700R w/ Rokinon 50mm. Mount: Dolly. Recorder: Odyssey 7Q+

For the previous years, we focused a lot on intimidating-looking video portraits which always look great. This year I wanted to go even further. We decided to make the players dribble up and down the court as if they were practicing alone. We let them freely choose their moves, dunks, and speed.

How are we going to capture this? A long ass dolly. I wanted the quickest but longest move possible and the ability to go in both directions up and down the court. After a few years of shooting with this team, I was confident that I could take my time to make sure every shot was perfect before we move on.

. This year I wanted to incorporate sound into it. The only reason being is because I never started listening to what basketball sounds like until my mother told me she can not watch the games anymore because the squeaking of their shoes on the floor bother her. (Don't listen to it, it's an abyss.. once you hear it you will never unhear it...)