Portland, ME / by Julian Focareta

About a week ago I was coming back home from my first day back to work after a trip up to Portland, Maine for a quick shoot. I've always been one for summertime seafood but this was my first time seeing the product in it's earliest state. I've seen the tourist side of things from a few family trips to Maine, but nothing like this. It's not everyday you jump ten feet off a port onto a boat that has seen its days of spilt beer, wet cigarettes, microwaved dinners, and I think what is the smell of fresh catch?

My English friend unfortunately underwent a fire at his restaurant about nine months ago and is in the process of remodeling the entire building. The smoke ruined the entire interior of the restaurant and his kitchen as well. In their process of remodeling, they looked to change the entire dining environment.

Their restaurant obviously revolves around fresh northeastern seafood. What started as a fish market is now transitioning into a full service restaurant. Close Harbour Seafood has been in business for over 30 years as a small market with a small menu but are now looking to turn into something bigger. In hope to do so, they're looking to decorate the interior with a few large format prints on the walls of the port they've been in business with for their thirty years of business. 

Other than all the great food and hip culture, Portland offered some beautiful industrial landscapes. If I had to suggest a few places I would choose Liquid Riot Brewery (drink/eat), Portland Hunt and Alpine Club (drink), and Duck Fat (eat).