Tagliatelle e Cavatelli / by Julian Focareta

For this upcoming Easter, my mother decided we were going to make our own homemade cavatelli for the pasta course. Now, there is an abundance of cavatelli from both grandmothers... as usual. Usually we'll walk up the street (or down) (because yes we live on the same street as both sets of grandparents) and retrieve two or three Ziploc freezer bags that contain about a pound of cavatelli.

My mom sort of had the 'fuck it' attitude and decided she was going to make her own. By 'her own' I really mean with the help of myself, my brother, my cousin Sambina, and my father. Oh, and then my cousin from New York showed up because she was in town and heard was going on. After about three quarters of a gallon of homemade wine (my fault), we finally finished our own few Ziploc bags of cavatelli as well as a full tray of large tagliatelle for dinner that night.

The pictures posted will not do this day any justice. It was full of laughter, argument, and then I believe there was a selfie stick floating around at one point? Check out the photos below and see our work!