É Quel Periodo dell'Anno

I can not say we are true vintners, but there's been a lineage of winemakers in the Focareta family. As far as I've heard (I am lucky enough to have all four grandparents and on my father's side my grandfather has told me the following); my great grandfather started off as a villager who would distribute wine throughout his paesino (village). Just like a majority of the Italians in/around Waterbury, CT, we are from Pontelandolfo, Italy. It is a small town that is mainly self-sufficient. At my great grandfather's time, there was no real work. Everyone lived off their small piece of land and bartered excess to receive things they needed.

| La Pisando |

His son, my grandfather, followed in his footsteps, however, when he migrated to the US to Waterbury, he was able to launch a career in fine masonry. He did not lose or disregard this tradition of winemaking though. (He also would provide the wine for the Church)To this day, he has carried it on and has given the knowledge of this process to my father. 

| Papa |

I have been fortunate enough to belong to a family who doesn't stray from tradition. Therefore, I, along with my older brother, have now been involved in the decision of ratio of our blend and the entire process. We call our blend (informally) Focareta Heritage, because it is something that has reached each generation the same special way. 

| Pigiato |

I can go as far as telling you that we make a Grenache/Zinfandel mix. There is also a little bit of Alicante grape in there to deepen the color a bit however, majority of the grape is Zinfandel. Stay tuned around Easter 2016 to get the feedback on the turnout. Let's hope this year is another good one.